wish list wednesday

Wish List Wednesday

Good morning blogger world! Coffee anyone?

I want to dive right into Wednesday! I was so incredibly busy last week that I didn’t have time to write about Wednesday’s Wish List… so without further ado…

I am dedicating this to my list of places I would LOVE to travel to!


I want to experience their culture, their religion, hike along Mount Everest and do yoga in the woods experiencing the tranquility and peacefulness of this country.

Tuscany, Italy

Drinking wine in Tuscany would be a dream come true. To experience food and hospitality the way it was intended to be. The ancient buildings built from hand, the stone pathways, the fruitful land… heaven on earth.

I have quite a few other places I would love to travel to, like Australia, Greece, Japan, New Zealand but Nepal and Tuscany are my two top choices!

Where are you dreaming of traveling to?

One thought on “Wish List Wednesday

  1. Australia is definitely my top choices followed by Fiji!!Heck, I would take any on the choices you made. Now off to find a job that can make these little fantasies of mine come true……~Justine

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