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It’s a Party!

Good evening everyone!
I am enjoying a nice cup of hot coffee because I am EXHAUSTED from this crazy, but wonderful weekend!
I actually have 2 blog post’s in draft but blogger is having some problems with uplaoding my pictures! GRRR!!!
Let me see if there is still a problem…

Yup – still cannot upload anything!

I have so many cute pictures from his birthday, too!
Wait a sec – let me try a different route.

It Worked! Thanks Flikr!

This is one of my favorite shots of the party! We were all singing Happy Birthday but Jordan was more interested in the candle. 🙂

His party was a HUGE success! Just enough guests, great food, memorable moments and to-die-for cake!

I contacted Stephanie at Cake Fixation and asked her to create a football cake. I had some examples that I sent her and told her the dimensions – it turned out WONDERFULLY! Everyone was ooing and awing over it!
How did it taste?
Like I died and went to heaven! Dense and moist chocolate cake with creamy layers of vanilla butter cream frosting. I ate a huge slice of it, even the fondant! It actually tasted pretty darn good – I kind of dug the texture and the flavor was really light. Stephanie, you are AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I also had her make a dozen football cupcakes in case the kiddos wanted them.

They were just as good!

He received a lot of attention and a lot of new toys! My mom bought him a wagon that he and the other kids played in!

Jordan is definitely loved and spoiled, in a good way ;).
I was so busy talking, refilling food, laughing, greeting that I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures but between my mom and friends I should have a bunch to remember by!
~ Thank you all for your kindness and sharing this special day with our family. ~

AND remember to sign up for my Oikos giveaway that ends tomorrow, October 19th at 12 pm Pacific time!

6 thoughts on “It’s a Party!”

  1. Thanks for having us over! Naomi had fun playing with the kids there and then with her goody bag at home later, all the stickers are gone already! Also, the cupcake you sent with us, OMG! SO SO SO GOOD!! It was like melt in your mouth moist and was like the best cupcake we have ever had! Happy Birthday Jordan!!

  2. Happy Birthday Jordan!What a great CAKE and birthday.our son's first bday party was depressing! I am not doing another one like it again!HOWEVER he still turned one and life goes on!LOVE the football theme! get some rest !

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