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My favorite accessory

My husband knows when I am going to cook something extravagant when I grab my favorite cooking accessory – my apron.
I love aprons and just like everything thing that I own, it resembles me. My apron is simple yet elegant with the right amount of flare. Not to boring, not to wild – just right. But to tell you the truth, I usually wear this on most occasions when I cook just to protect my clothes. You see – I cook messy.
Whether it’s baking cookies, stirring a pot of soup or handcrafting lasagna, I seem to splash, splatter and dust my way through. I guess I have too much fun! And really, there is no harm to that at all.

I wanted to do a quick product review on some nut butter I have been eating lately. The brand is Justin’s. They do a variety of organic nut butters including peanut, almond and hazelnut. I found his stand at my local natural food store, Central market, and right away I was hooked. They come in individual squeeze packets for easy storing and traveling. When I am out and about I can toss one in my bag and have it with crackers or fruit. I must admit that I have only tried one flavor – the cinnamon peanut butter. Anything that has cinnamon in it I love, and this is no exception! It’s creamy and the cinnamon flavor is just enough to say “Here I am!”. I don’t particularly like the fact that it has added sugar in the ingredient list so I I try not to eat this on a regular basis, but it’s a treat when I have oatmeal and apples for breakfast; like this morning.

A sliced honeycrisp, cinnamon peanut butter, quick cooking oats with dried cranberries and a splash of maple syrup. Filling, simple – it hit the spot!

Things to do today:
Find a good tofu recipe
Mail pictures to grandparents
And possibly write a nutrition article

Have a great day everyone!

4 thoughts on “My favorite accessory”

  1. LOVE LOVE the apron!! so cute!! i agree…i love aprons…oohhh….just remembered to put that down on my list! : ) btw, save me some PB when i visit…sounds yummy!

  2. Lovin' the apron! A fun and funky apron is on my list of things to make before Christmas (for myself). I, too, seem to get rather messy in the kitchen. Lots of times it's from 3 year old messy hands grabbing at my legs!

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