4 thoughts on “OK, time to SERIOUSLY start this baby proofing thing

  1. I gave Naomi one drawer of her own in the kitchen that she can open and make a mess out of anytime she wants but the rest is locked. Mostly it is just tupperware lids and her plates, stuff she can't break!

  2. LOL…I just watched the lil punkin head getting into the drawer. Too darn cute!! It so reminds me of you at his age. I came into the kitchen when you were his age and there you were coloring on the kitchen wall. :)He is getting soooooo busy now!!Love You…Mom

  3. We actually baby-proofed our kitchen cabinets a few weeks ago and just this past weekend she tried to open them. I was thankful we had baby-proofed at that moment! 🙂 G/L!

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