What’s wrong with me?

I have no idea why I have been lacking on updating.
Too busy? Too hot? Too lazy?
Hmm… I will take all three!

Too busy: We still haven’t been in our home one month yet and we are still organizing, having company over and taking care of everyday things too. I had more time when I was working!

Too hot: Seattle has been hit with a long front of HOT weather. Yesterday Seattle reached an all time record high of 103, and even hotter in some parts!, and 90% of the homes, including ours, do not have air conditioning units. The hottest I saw the thermostat reach was 91; and it’s located in the coolest spots of the home. I deal with it, try to drink water and stay in front of the fans. We take Jordan out to the sprinkler quite a bit and he loves it! Marc hates it.

Too lazy: Well if I am too busy then how can I be too lazy? It happens. It takes time to type, to upload pictures, yada yada yada. I just took Baby J’s 9 month pictures at 9 and a half months!

Speaking of pictures, here is Jordan in his 9, err 9 and a half month, glory! (It is becoming very difficult having him stay put for more than 2.5 seconds!)

And yes, they LOVE each other!

I had some great shots but only his head was blurry due to him moving around. Silly boy!

Since it has been extremely hot I have been putting some of Jordan’s teether’s in the freezer again so he can suck on them to cool off. He loves them!


AND speaking of “love”, Baby J has kicked Lilly out of her new bed and has starting paying rent.

Hopefully everyone is “trying” to stay cool today!

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One Response to What’s wrong with me?

  1. GAMZu says:

    Why no air conditioning? That must be torture!This summer has mostly been in the 80s- went over 90 just a handful of times. But still, we have the AC on in the bedrooms at night. Can't imagine not having it.Baby J is as adorable as ever! 🙂

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