Half Baby, Half Fish

Grandma bought Baby J a pool yesterday so we ventured up to her house to surprise her and to pick it up. He LOVED to splash around, even though the water was pretty cold. No flinching at all. He was even taking the hose while it was filling and trying to bite the water coming out!


It has cooled down into the upper 80’s, FINALLY! It feels so much better in the house and outside!

3 thoughts on “Half Baby, Half Fish

  1. He is so adorable. Jaxson has just started to like the water. It is great that your little man is loving it already. Maybe he would love baby swim lessons!

  2. Baby J appears to have absolutely no fear of the water. I hope that you all get much needed relief with the pool. It was a really nice surprise to see you guys today..:)Love You All….xoxo Grandma

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