Farwell, My Subaru

I’ve had Subaru’s… my whole family has. And now that I mention it I have had 2 in my adult life.
While in Winthrop, WA this past weekend I visited their local book store and happened to pick up this gem. The cover alone already had me intrigued!

A true story about Doug Fine living in New Mexico and (trying) to live as green and sustainable as possible. From goats to a vegetable oiled truck, he is reducing his carbon copy one green step at a time. A quick and easy read with a fare share facts that make you sit and evaluate the little things we do that add up to create something huge. I am only about 80+ pages into it but I am hooked on his witty charm.

I have always felt that it was important to live from the earth. Helping our neighborhood farmers market’s, reduce, reuse and recycle and to just be more aware of our doing and being. I find it fascinating when I read about individuals or family’s “doing the impossible”. Although, it is far from impossible.
Society has us sucked in to its internet, fancy cars, fashionable clothes, spa trips and so on. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I could give all of that up for life, but I could for a year or so and I definitely could do without for longer stretches of time. However what Fine has developed in his book were ways of getting all of that in ways that do not hurt the earth with alternative thinking.

It’s good to think out side of the box…

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