Happy seven months, Baby J!

Well, Baby J is “almost” fully mobile now. He gets up on his knees and hands and rocks back and forth. He is soooo close to crawling! He does scoot backwards, though. It is the cutest thing!
We are getting closer and closer to move into our new home. I am sure he will be fully crawling by then so baby proofing here we come!

This past weekend Marc and I took a mini-mini vacation to Alderbrook again. We love this place more and more each time we go there. This was also Baby J’s first ferry ride!

Some big news in the family as well – Baby J’s first cousin was born this weekend.
Alexis Ray was born at 5 am on May 17th. She is adorable! We haven’t had a chance to go see her in person yet as we are giving her and mom space and time to recover but they are both doing great!
These pictures were taken by my aunt: I just have to share!

It’s sad that I find it hard to remember when Baby J was that small. Although he is still my tiny baby to me, compared to her he is giant! I am hoping to go visit them this week and get some pictures of the two babies together!

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  1. 7 months, can you believe it?! Amelia will be 7 months on Friday! And she is doing the exact same thing as Baby J; rocking on her hands and knees and scooting backwards. Too funny!

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