I have to stop!

I post regularly on The Bump – it is a pregnancy forum site that I have been going to since my first tri-mester. Now that I am on the 0-6 month board, I tend to always read about couples that are having issues ever since their baby came. Either their husbands not doing anything, not helping with chores, feeling disconnected from each other, not enough love… I could go on. And every time I do I feel a little bit of anxiety build in me – I am fearful that this will happen to us.

Marc has been more than wonderful during my pregnancy! I never had a complaint about him and we seemed to work together like clockwork. I know that their is a possibility of me getting postpartum depression, although I have never been diagnosed with depression in the past, but it is very common. I also have fear and anxiety about this as well. I have been staying very in-tune with my feelings, my body and every little thought or action i seem to analyze. I have a feeling that this may bring it on as well, instead of me just “going with the flow”.

Now more than ever I need Marc: to be my back bone and support structure when I am week, to hold my hand when I feel scared and to look at me in my eyes and tell me that he loves me. I don’t want to be the A-typical relationship during this time period. I want us to shine!

But I also have to remember not to forget about his feelings as well. I need to still hug, kiss and love on him as if nothing has changed. I never want him to feel like he is not getting enough attention from me; although the lack of our sex life is defiantly playing mind games on me right now. *Just a few more weeks!*

There is so much love in our home right now but we have to make sure it gets evenly divided – maybe that is the key.

2 thoughts on “I have to stop!

  1. oh btw, so i went into NICU today and i totally thought about you, marc, and jordan…i am so so grateful that everyone is extremely healthy and full term…fortunately, all those babies were getting better but i couldn’t help but think of jordan. and again, he’s soo cute!!

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