Rub a dub-dub!

It’s bath time!

And he didn’t even mind one minute of it!

And Sophie: this picture is for you my dear! While nursing I have been catching up on my reading and bound and determined to finish New Moon one of these days. Eclipse is just patiently waiting for it to be opened!

2 thoughts on “Rub a dub-dub!

  1. oh my gosh…he is the cutest baby i’ve ever seen!!!i cannot wait to meet him!!! and i’m so glad you’re breastfeeding!i actually was reading new moon the other day! you’re gonna love it!!oh btw i sent you something. let me konw when it comes! soph

  2. It looks like everything is going good for You, Marc, and Jordan…breaking in the bathtub. Good job Marc!I love the new pictures of Jordan. He is so beautiful..Love Grandma and MomI like the story you typed about the whole labor experience. It was a long day for all of us, but WELL WORTH IT… : )

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