Hi! :)

Sorry for the lack of updating – I have been exhausted and even typing even takes a toll.
I do have some great blog ideas in the works so keep checking back 🙂
Anyway, our baby shower was amazing! It couldn’t have turned out better! A little over whelming at times, we had 50+ people, but it was great to see everyone. Everyone was so generous and kind. I kept asking myself through out the day: “Is this really MY baby shower?” It is still so surreal!

*I have been working on this post from 9:00 this morning and it is almost 7:30 at night… time to call it quits and start fresh tomorrow*

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1 Response to Hi! :)

  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Tasha,I am happy that you enjoyed your baby shower. I enjoyed giving it for you. Yes, there were times that it seemed overwhelming, but I think that everyone had a fun time.Your received lots of nice things for Baby Jordan. I would not hesitate to do it all over again for you.Now the wait is on for Baby Jordan to enter into the world. I am so excited!!Love You..Mom

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