Reality check

So, guess what?
I am having a baby. Yup, a REAL baby… not those fake kinds. The kind that cry, poop, eat, sleep, smile, giggle, grow up and call me mommy. Yup, one of THOSE kinds.

Lastnight, my mom and her BF, my dad, and Grandparents were all down helping set up for our baby shower today. I was doing fine until they starting putting the stroller, thanks mom!, and pack – n – play, thanks Grandparents!, together. I just stood, watched and was in awe. Yes, these are MY things, this is MY baby shower and this will be MY baby; a real one. Maybe it was because it was a little hectic last night, maybe it was becuase it is all happening in a blink of an eye or maybe it’s becuase I havnt been able to get drunk in 8 months; whatever the case may be… this is it. 5 more weeks of this and a little boy will be entered into our lives. Having the baby doesnt scare me as much as seeing all the crap Jordan will need to survive.
Trust me, Marc was in the same position but he seemed to be gleaming with joy. He is one happy daddy!

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