Show and tell time!

Marc and I went to Target tonight to finalize our registry and to take a look at all of the baby stuff… we are still overwhelmed with all of the choices and everything that they make for babies. Who knew they need 50 brands for 1 single item!

Of course we had to get two of the most important items that we could think of! 🙂

Since Jordan will be our little “football” baby and to help us pick our fantasy football picks every Sunday he has to be dressed appropriately!

I saw these little cute shades and knew Jordan would be stylin this coming spring and summer!

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2 Responses to Show and tell time!

  1. Grandma says:

    I Love the Huskie onesies. They are so adorable. Jordan is going to look soooo cute wearing them.I also think the Seahawks jersey is really cute.Now we have to find a little hat for him. : )See you soon…Love Mom

  2. Seahawks fans?! Haha! We are Steeler’s fans.. and I couldnt help but chuckle!Very Cute though!! I LOVE when little ones are all dressed up for the big game.

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