Yup, its Monday all over again

Well, here it is again: Monday. Where do the weekends go? Marc and I were lounging on the couch last night and he looked at me and asked, “You know what I cannot wait for this week?”. I looked at him fairly puzzled and asked “What?”.
Why is it even though we are somewhat pleased with our jobs and do not dread going in everyday we still always seem to hate Sunday nights and especially Monday mornings. It reminds me of taking off a band aid – painful at first but everyone survives and really… was it that bad?

So we spent most of the weekend watching the Olympics. This is actually the first year that I found the Olympics enjoyable enough to designate a huge amount of time to. It was rather crappy out in the Seattle area and it was nice just sitting on the couch with out a care or a big to-do list. Marc is eager to watch the Wrestling part of the Olympics but I don’t know when that will be broadcasted for the US to watch.
China is a beautiful country! A place where I could see myself going to and learning about for a few weeks.

So the weekend wasn’t a total waste of time: our crib has finally been purchased! Marc’s grandparents went to Babies R Us with us on Sunday and purchased the crib we had picked out. This is what they wanted to buy for the baby and of course we happily accepted. šŸ™‚ I also picked out the matching dresser/changing table combo. I am not to fond of using a separate changing table as they seem rather unstable. Also, seeing the open shelves packed with creams, lotions, wipes and so on would drive me up a wall! I know “me” too well and eventually it would get to be so cluttered and messy… yuck. I am having a hard time finding these items on the Babies R Us website so I will post pics when they are in the room waiting the arrival of Jordan.
Marc and I are getting more and more excited now that I am under 10 weeks! My body has also started to prep itself as I am getting the wonderful Braxton and Hicks cramps. Perfectly normal as it is what I like to call “practicing for the big push”.

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