I hope everyone’s Easter went well and the Easter Bunny brought lot’s of goodies! Marc and I had the best time at my Mom’s. We ate and ate some more, opened up our baskets and had a fun little easter egg hunt. Oh, then we ate some more. =)
I made carrot cake and it turned out so good! The frosting was a little thin and wasn’t as creamy as I would have liked but it sure did taste good!
All day we were all stating how fun it would be to have a little one in the family again to celebrate the joys of holidays. I cannot wait!
I am feeling better everyday. Morning sickness is residing and I feel my energy is coming back little by little.
And I have a pooch! My official baby pooch! A co-worker commented on it today, in a good mother-to-mother way. =) I am very proud of my round belly!
I finally went and bought some bigger pants. And I do need to by a bella-band since I can no longer button my pants. Marc is loving each and every minute of my growing belly. He is good about commenting how good I am looking for being pregnant and how he cannot tell that I have gained any weight… although I KNOW I have. =)
I also just received a promotion at work! More money and a new position, and what better timing! I am extremely happy and Marc is very proud of me as well. It is such a nice feeling to know that all of your hard work is for a reason.

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