3, can it be?

Wow, I am into the third month already! Holy cow!
Marc and I were lying in bed last night talking about how fast this has going for us. We both thought it was going to take forever but it hasn’t one bit! With work, me always sleeping and average daily stuff I guess we do keep pretty distracted. Imagine if I was just laying in bed day in and day out… then it would drag on.
And I am happy to see the little baby is looking more like a baby now. ——–> Rather than an alien-creature form. I have read Itty Bitty is the size of a large green olive. But my uterus is the size of a softball… lovely. And yes, my stomach is definitely showing the difference.
Happy Early Easter to everyone! Marc and I are going up to Mom’s for the day. I have taken on the task of making the carrot cake… cannot wait! This will be the first time I have made cake by scratch so hopefully it will not flop. Little cupcakes would be cute too though! With hand drawn carrots and bunnies on them… hmm, what to do.
Oh, and I need to start buying clothes. They are getting to tight for my liking and sitting all day does not make it any better. I am still undecided if I should go for maternity or just buy some things that are a size bigger. I know I will use them after the pregnancy, too. Old Navy, here I come!

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