Another week down!

Tomorrow will be six weeks already! Even though these next 9 months will go by very slow, the last few weeks have already flown by!
So pregnancy has taken a toll on me. Only a little bit though. I am very drowsy, especially in the mornings, and I am getting a little nauseated and dizzy at times. It seems to help when I eat every few hours in the morning until I have a big lunch then I am fine for the rest of the day and night. My sleep at night has not been the greatest. I seem to wakeup a lot, toss and turn, and have a hard time falling asleep again. Marc is in Wenatchee on business the next few days and I know I will be especially lonely under the blankets, but if Lilly is lucky she may be able to sleep with Mamma! Lilly is also noticing the excitement and we are so lucky to have such a caring and protective dog. She is constantly looking at me, whining and wagging her tail. I ask if she is ready to be a big sister and her little head cock is the cutest reassurance for me! I cannot wait until Itty Bitty is old enough to play with Lilly. She loves kids in general and she will make a very loyal, 4 legged big sister.

Little Itty Bitty has a heart beat now! *hopefully* And is the size of a pea.
My first appointment is on the 4th of March and that may be a little too early to tell still. I just hope Itty Bitty is healthy and loving life in me right now. I am trying my best to provide the best atmosphere for Itty Bitty and trying to keep myself hydrated and healthy at the same time. I really would like an ultra sound but again I am unsure if it is still too early to see anything.

1 thought on “Another week down!”

  1. Hi Tasha..Thinking of you and hoping that everything is going well for you and Itty Bitty.Have you sent the announcements out to the family yet?Love You..Mom (aka)Grandma

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