Why do I feel so good?

Ok, let me rephrase that.. I feel good!
I read on other mommy to be blogs and I am always reading forums and people seem to be hit with symptoms early. Could this be mental for some? Knowing that you SHOULD have morning sickness, headaches, bloating, etc. Is it leading to puking?
Maybe I am just being confident and yes, cocky, but seriously I feel like myself right now! The only thing I have noticed is I am craving certain foods. Salty foods have been satisfying my palette and I am going through a cheese phase; extra sharp please!
Marc has been wonderful as well. He continually talks to Itty Bitty, making sure we are doing ok, asking me if I need anything and calling just to say he loves me. =)
I know he is the reason I am not scared to death right now. Knowing he is going to be here watching over us, always and forever. I couldn’t be doing this with out him. He is my shoulder, my hand warmer and my teddy bear.

One thought on “Why do I feel so good?

  1. Wowza! Firstly, HUGE congrats to both of you! I am sure you will be a great Mommy, Tasha…any kiddo of yours is sure to feel loved and secure!Hugs,Suz

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