The weekend went as planned!

Yesterday was a success!
First, the Rabbi was such a pleasure to meet with. He is a very genuine, kind individual and both Marc and I felt very comfortable around him. The good news: we won’t have to be married before Itty Bitty is born and I won’t have to complete the conversion process before Itty Bitty is born either. At three months we can perform a Jewish ceremony and Itty Bitty will become Jewish.
I was very nervous before meeting with the Rabbi. Marc and I have been together over two years and believe me marriage has been talked about ever since the start. And there still is no denying that we will be married soon, but I couldn’t possibly think of the added stress of a rush wedding while I am pregnant. Marc already knows that I am not going to look fat or pregnant in my dress: no way. Plus, do we need to be married? Love is in our hearts and it has always been there and will always stay. We tossed around the idea of going to the Justice of Peace and doing a small gathering, waiting for the baby to be born, then throwing a huge ceremony next year. It is not to appealing to me. I want my wedding my way. I guess it would be different if we were already in the middle of planning a wedding for this summer, then we could just bump it up a few months but we haven’t started at all; and again I am not going to want the added stress on me and Marc. We will be dealing with enough: finding a house, saving money, doctor appointments and so on.
On to the second part: the surprise visit to my Mom! =)
It couldn’t have been better! My dad was already there and luckily my mom was in the shower when we arrived. We all hugged, talked, laughed and sat in the living room waiting for mom to emerge out of the bathroom. Dad finally called her out of the bathroom. She was so surprised to see us there! She screamed then ran back in the bathroom but appeared seconds later with hugs and hellos. I quickly grabbed her, sat her on the couch and gave her her little gift bag. Marc and I were standing up in front of her holding each other and smiling. She opened the blue package first, stared at it for a few seconds then looked at my and asked if I was pregnant. Our faces were gleaming with happiness as we said yes. She was so thrilled! Shocked, but thrilled! She is already starting to plan baby showers, looking at baby items, and I love it! But so am I! Every time I go into a store I hit the baby section and look at the newborn items. I want to start buying things but it may be a little early. I guess unisex items are ok: bottles, onesies, diapers, etc… but I know once I start I won’t stop!
I am coming up on 5 weeks already! Itty Bitty is the size of an apple seed, can you believe it!

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