One more time

Yup, it is confirmed. I had to see for myself one more time because there is always that off chance that there was an error. Plus, seeing the word “pregnant” made me finally realize that indeed I AM PREGNANT! So many thoughts, so many feelings; and even though our little Itty Bitty is the size of a grain of rice, I am so in love!
Marc was in Tacoma the last 2 days for the Washington State wrestling tournament. I missed him badly and I wanted him to hold me tight, but it was nice to have time to reflect and think… Oh and SHOP! For those you that know me, I never ever shop. But I had good reason and I felt I deserved it. 🙂
I am a crafty person at heart and you don’t want to know the millions and millions of ideas that are running through my head right now, but I did accomplish a few things that were on my list.
One, I am making a journal for our Itty Bitty. Writing our thoughts, our actions and documenting the first months together. I am sure this is a process that will go on for a while even after the birthdate. I love archiving and what better way to represent this than to journal especially for someone so precious. It will be in the nursery on a book shelf, along with my very own pregnancy journal to document my feelings, changes and history in the making.
I also picked up a book for Marc to prepare him for what I will put him through. (I’ve heard it is not so good!) So when mega bitch comes out to prey on her victim, he will know that I love him with all of my heart but… maybe not at that exact moment. In turn, I bought a pregnancy book explaining week by week of what I should expect and how to cope with my bodily changes. As long as I can prepare I will be A-OK.
Oh, and I also bought Jenny McCarthy’s Baby Laughs. This was a very easy read, I did it in 2 hours, but funny and witty as hell! Would you expect anything else from her? I learned so much and I was very relieved to see that these feelings, changes, cravings, bloating, puking, you name it! happens to EVERYONE. Thank gawd. And her down to earth, tell it like it is, truth about every little thing is very appreciated!

I surprised Marc with a little present tonight after he got home.

Here is what was in it:

I couldn’t help it! I saw it and I had to get it for him!

He is not a frequent reader but I hope he reads this. At least it will help him to prepare for MY rollercoaster of a time!

And of course I could not forget the Stars of the Show! They really deserve an award considering we tried only twice and it was right after Aunt FLow left in January! Which I hear is not the best time to try anyway…

So what is next on our agenda?
Tomorrow we are meeting with the Rabbi to talk to him about the conversion.
AND afterwards we are going to surprise my mom with a little visit as well! Boy is she in for a treat!
My dad already knows; I called him minutes after finding the test positive. I had to tell someone and he was thrilled! He is so excited to be a grandpa to my child… but I do have to admit that it is rather strange to think of him as a grandpa.
My mom on the other hand I wanted to do more for. I was thinking of the best way to tell her and I came up with the best idea!

A little pink present!

How adorable is that! No words needed by me, I will just let her open it and start screaming!

Plus this cute book on becoming a Grandparent. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day!

One thought on “One more time

  1. February 17, 2008~ Well this afternoon was a real surprise to me. Marc and Tasha showed up at my house while I was in the shower. I was called into the living room from Phil (he was over visiting Randy and I for the weekend), waiting in the living room was Marc and Tasha. Tasha insisted that I open a Valentines Gift from her at that moment. They had me open the blue gift first. A cute little pink bib with the words “I LOVE GRANDMA”, I couldn’t even get to the other gift I looked at Tasha in amazement and asked her if it was true. “Are you expecting?” She nodded her head yes and I was so exicited. Then I opened the next gift to find a nice little book on becoming a Grandparent. Wow, me becoming a Grandma..I love it!!I am looking forward to the next nine months of Tasha’s pregnancy already planning out baby showers and watching the baby grow in Tasha’s lil tummy.Congrads. to the both of you…Marc and TashaLove Grandma..xoxo

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