Clean Eating Food Journal

Hi friends!

I thought it would it be fun if I compiled all of my meals into one post to show you just how simple and easy clean eating is!

clean eating made easy

Breakfast – 2 whole eggs, broccoli, oats with cinnamon and stevia and black coffee

Lunch – steamed green beans, baked tofu, a small apple and peanut butter

Snack – unsalted roasted almonds

Dinner – Large salad which had baby spinach, orange bell pepper, green onion, raw zucchini, black beans, salsa and guacamole

Every meal is loaded with nutrient dense, WHOLE foods! Keep in mind that I don’t meat so I eat beans/tofu/eggs for my protein. I try to keep each meal super colorful as I know I am eating a variety of fresh foods. Plus, it just looks pretty!

Clean Eating is SUPER SIMPLE! I know that it may be hard to change – I know it’s HARD to change your current eating habits! But I want you understand that you body is a temple and you need to be feeding it health, nutrient dense foods all the time! ❤

Are you still struggling with your eating habits? I encourage you to join my FREE Clean Eating group! In this group we will talk about food choices, recipes, habits, self love and so much more! ❤

XxOo Tasha

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