Tuesday Morning Motivation–The LOVE Edition

Hey loves!! I hope you’re having an AMAZING February so far!! This month is all about LOVE and I want you to remember that the greatest LOVE you can ever experience is the LOVE you have for yourself! 

We ALL want to look and feel our best, be surrounded by positive and uplifting people, and do more of what makes us happy! Make sure you are providing that for yourself each and every day! Eat nutrient dense food – choose a career path that excites you – move your body daily.  


There’s hard work involved, but it will absolutely be worth it. Don’t settle for anything less!

Need some help in this area? Reach out to me! Let’s chat! I have helped hundreds of individuals get on the path to their BEST self-love story! Email me directly at: coachtashakaye@gmail.com

I hope these emails are helpful! For more tips, nutrition, and workout ideas, check out my facebook at www.facebook.com/thecleaneatingmama

Have a great week! 

XxOo Tasha

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