Gliders–A FAT BURNING at-home-workout!


Friends – have you seen or heard of gliders before?! They are one of my favorite pieces of workout gear!

Basically it is a round disk that is a little padded on one side (where you place your foot) and the other side is slick (the side that glides on the floor). These small disks can really put the BURN in your workout!

I actually used paper plates for the longest time and then I invested in a REAL pair for a little over 5$! I forget where I purchased mine from but I found quite the collection on Amazon! (You can totally use paper/plastic plates OR towels if your on hardwood floors!)

I work with a lot of women, specifically moms, who do not have a lot of time for working out. So finding a high calorie burning workout that will tone and burn fat is the key to maximizing your at home workouts! These gliders may seem like child’s play… but they WORK! They help tone your legs, glutes, hamstrings, back, arms and core! Full body shred!

My two favorite moves are: curtsy lunge and side lunge. Holy Burn!!! I love working my glutes and legs!

curtsy 11curtsy 22


side lunge 11side lunge 22

I usually do a combo circuit of legs, abs and arms. I mix it up – 5-6 leg/glute moves, 2-3 ab moves and 2-3 arm moves. Pinterest is where I find my inspiration and how I learn new moves.

Have you tried sliders yet? If so, let me know what your favorite move is!

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