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Meat Free + Yoga for 30 Days with BexLife!

Hey friends!

I have a fun post for you today!

So a few days ago I was scrolling through my face book feed and I saw a post by BexLife stating that she was starting a 30 Day Meat Free challenge. I knew this was a challenge I HAD to do! For a while now I have been wanting to get back into eating a primary plant based diet. I used to eat vegan several years ago and I THRIVED on it!

But why did I start incorporating animal products back into my life?

Not sure. I remember I was going through some stress with my career at the time and personal relationships and I was turning into a junk-food vegan. I felt really crappy most of the time and I attributed that to not having any kind of animal products in my life, NOT eating junky vegan foods. So I started to eat cheese, eggs, ice cream and making my choices about comfort rather than my health, and the health of animals and our environment.

So fast forward a few years – I have been wanting to transition back to a plant based diet once again but out of convenience and lack of commitment I just haven’t yet. And although I eat a clean diet filled with good foods, there are still days filled with not-so-good for me foods, dairy and meat. This is not serving my body. I have a long list as to why I love plant based diets – and I will share that another day – but simply put I feel more balanced and harmonic when I am eating a plant based diet. Less toxic, more peace. This is ALWAYS a good thing!

My goal is to stick with a primary plant based diet after the 30 days! I have been meal planning like crazy, searching my past blog posts for inspiration and pinning recipes to my pinterest boards. Yay! And I will be documenting my daily eats on the blog, too!

There is also fantastic facebook group that was created to help inspire us, motivate us and it’s always wonderful to connect to like minded people! If you want more about the challenge then watch BexLife’s video – all the deets are there! ❤ 

But this challenge is more than just not eating meat, this is about living a kinder life. Both Danielle and Bex practice yoga and there is a deep connection with not eating meat and yogis. I have been practicing yoga for almost a year now and it has transformed my life and body (for the good!). I am also going to be deepening my yoga practice for the next 30 day’s, too!

If you are already a vegetarian/vegan or want to be in a connected group that talks yoga, green juice and peace then I encourage you to join us! ❤ The challenge doesn’t officially begin until April 20th but I didn’t wait – I wanted to jump in strong! Here are my eats from yesterday! (sorry the pics are kinda crappy – my phone resized them somehow!)

coffee day 1

I started off with a hot cup of black coffee.

I was not hungry at all until really late in the morning – around 11 – so I ended up making a gorgeous non-lettuce salad for lunch! This baby had shaved carrots, avocado, heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and chickpeas. I seasoned it with a little olive oil, salt and pepper.

lunch day 1 -1

I had some errands to run so I stashed some bars and my water in my purse and off I went!

watersnack day 1

I ended up eating the Larabar before I even left the house for dessert.

After I got back home I had a few minutes before I picked up Jordan from school and I had a small handful of dark chocolate chips and some pretzels with hummus.

    snack day 1 1 1 snack day 1 1 

I probably had too many pretzels because I was not hungry at all for dinner and so I had an apple and peanut butter towards the end of the night.

dinner day 1

I am so so so excited about this challenge and journey for the next 30 days! Remember to search for #xenbliss on Instagram for more challenge pictures! ❤

XxOo Tasha

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