Embrace the change of life and your vision!

Happy Day! Happy Moment! Happy Life!

Friends – I never meant to not blog for an entire month.

I embrace that I needed a break. I accept that I was in a mental funk. Feeling a bit stuck and uninspired. I took some time to dive into some deep personal development, rekindling the relationship with myself, my dreams and my goals.

And damn has it felt amazing!


I am not even sure how to fully express my thoughts or emotions right now… but all I can say is that when you experience shifts in your life they can be powerful and beautiful!

Life changing. Life saving.

We as humans are constantly evolving, learning, growing, loving… when your mind is fully open your heart is expanding with it! I was so set in my own ways for so long that I wouldn’t even know a good thing it if hit me.


And here I was thinking that I had it all together! Nope.

The ebbs and flow in life is like the ocean. Waves of goodness are crashing all over you at any given moment. And if you are truly present in life you can fully experience them.

This is probably why I am so attracted to water, especially the ocean.

So I am here to say EMBRACE CHANGE! Understand that you are flowing through life, growing each day, learning and loving!

Enjoy the ride! ❤

XxOo Tasha

2 thoughts on “Embrace the change of life and your vision!

  1. Tasha, that sounds amazing. I love to unplug and get away from the blogging and social technology. It is so refreshing and totally okay for us to do, not to mention it is fabulous for our mind. What is good for the head is good for the soul and body 🙂 I love change and just sit back and re-group when it happens.

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