Sick Day

Well… our home has seen better days…

sick day1

Jordan has not been feeling well since Thursday night. Running a low temp, some coughing and just not feeling too well. I took him to the Dr. over the weekend and apparently he has a nasty virus. Poor thing! I feel awful for him as this is going on day 6 now.

This what our day looked liked today:


Slept in this morning after a long night… I went to the store to buy more medicine for Jordan and an Americano for me.

sick day6

Lots and lots and lots of snuggles ❤

sick day11


sick day7

Water out of monster cups with fun straws – he has been really good about drinking water!

sick day9

Blueberry Protein smoothies for mama

sick day10

Frozen blueberries for Jordan

sick day2

Lincoln Logs

sick day3

And Legos

sick day4

  I ended up buying this Organic Pea Soup a few days ago and I was VERY surprised in how GOOD it tasted! I tastes almost better than my own split pea soup! It was SOOOOO cold and windy in Seattle today – warm soup sounded amazing!

   sick day5    

I am hoping your household is staying healthy this time of year!

XxOo Tasha

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