Positive Beginnings – Journal Prompt #1



Well hello 2014!
The start of a new year always brings about a sense of excitement and positivity in the air, don’t they?! Don’t let this NEW YEAR pass you by – this year is yours and I hope you grab it by the horns! To help inspire you, let your dreams grow and make the most of every opportunity, journaling is the perfect tool to use!

To start you off on your journey and help you stay motivated while you’re journaling, I am creating a new journal prompt each day in 2014! I hope this will allow you to stay focused and motivated all year long! Whether you want to journal in the morning with a hot cup of coffee, during the middle of the day or at night before you turn into bed, use these prompts when you need some help writing.

Journaling Prompt #1:

It’s January 1st – Explore your dreams and goals! What are you wanting this year? What do you want to accomplish? These can be as detailed or as simple as you like! Remember: writing your goals down on paper is making a promise to yourself that you are worthy of accomplishment and happiness! Need some extra help writing out your goals for 2014? Check out my Goal Writing 101 post!

Happy Journaling!
XxOo – Tasha

One thought on “Positive Beginnings – Journal Prompt #1

  1. This journal prompt was a great find in my inbox today. I got right to it and my attitude for the new year just got better. Thank you!

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