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Discontentment VS. Gratitude


When you look around, there is always someone who seems to have more than you do. Or possibly a better life than you. Or maybe it’s quicker success than you’ve had. Or maybe they are more in shape or thinner. Or have a better marriage. Or well behaved kids. Or more money…

Life is full of things that we don’t seem to have. And if you choose to dwell on those things, you can quickly become discouraged, negative and unhappy.

But life is also full of beautiful things — if you look in the right perspective. The way you view your life may or may not change your individual circumstances, but they can change the way you feel about them and your life!

You don’t need more of anything in order to be more content. Contentment is a choice. It’s something you can wake up every day and decide to be!

There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. No matter your circumstances, no matter your situation, if you start looking for things to appreciate, you’ll begin to find them all around you.

And that’s why I love promoting writing in a gratitude journal. It forces you to pay attention to the things you might take for granted otherwise. It really opens your eyes and heart! It’s such a positive way to start each day!

Take time today to say “thank you” — for the little things and the big things. Blessings are all around you if you will only take time to notice!

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