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Food Journal 11.5.13

Happy Tuesday! How was your day today?

This is going to be a quick food journal post! It’s rather late and I have an early day tomorrow!

Let’s get started, shall we?


Break was my usual black coffee and protein oats with trail mix! 1/3 cup quick cook oats with a scoop of protein powder and topped with trailmix. Yum! I love the texture the trail mix added! Plus, these oats held me over until lunch time!

I went to Trader Joes for lunch. I have never bought their pre-made salads and I was craving some roughage today!


I saw this kale and edamame salad and I knew I had to have it! Big pieces of kale, cranberries, tomatoes, edamame, onion and a lemon herb dressing! So good!

I also picked up a Kind Bar and some chocolate. I never did eat the Kind Bar but I did have a piece of chocolate!



I needed a coffee pick me up so I stopped by Starbucks for my usual Americano. And while in line I eat a piece of chocolate – dessert before lunch is ALWAYS a good idea!



My Starbucks trip was quite surprising today! I had just order my drink and was fourth in line. I was waiting… and waiting… and waiting and never moved an inch. I want to say it was a good 5 minutes before the line moved and another 5 minutes until I picked up my coffee. I try to not feel too impatient or annoyed as I have worked in both retail and fast food and I understand things happen… so I smiled at the barista who handed me my drink and he began to tell me that the drink was on them today! Surprised, I asked WHY? He told me because I had to wait so long and they were very sorry!

I always receive pretty good service at Starbucks but this really took me by surprise! I THANKED HIM and gave him the money I was going to use for my drink and told him to put it in the tip jar!

After I sat back down at my desk I found the email for corporate Starbucks and wrote them, explained my situation, experience and how amazed I was! Customer service really goes a long way! Thank you Starbucks!

However, my day ended pretty stressful and busy… and when I ready to eat dinner I was craving was CARBS! Carbs are my go to comfort food!


White wine, bread and white bean hummus… only had a few sips of wine and a few bites of bread. Even though I wanted it, they didn’t sit too well with my tummy.

Hubs wanted veggies for dinner when he got home and I was still craving carbs. Cereal for the win! Just some random granola and spelt flakes thrown into a bowl with almond milk and a few chocolate chips. I love cereal but hardly eat it!


Before bed I snuggled with Bubs – I could stare at him all night long!


And speaking of babies, I have been having MAJOY BABY FEVER the past month or so! I saw this adorable onesie and saved the link… just in case! 😉


Good night friends!



When was the last time you received really good customer service?

One thought on “Food Journal 11.5.13

  1. I think that’s great that Starbucks would give you your drink for having to wait. I think sometimes, customer service is a thing of the past, and then there’s companies like that which remind you that people do appreciate you and your business.

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