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{treat monday} Pumpkin Pie

Happy TREAT Monday!

treat monday

Do you love pumpkin pie? I SURE DO!

I made Angela’s (Oh She Glows) Vegan Pumpkin Pie for Thanksgiving in 2009 and it was AMAZING! Since then, she has created 3 different variations of her famous pumpkin pie!

These are vegan pumpkin pies – I love baking vegan recipes because they are normally lower in calories and fat and usually cleaner than normal recipes. Plus, I think they taste BETTER! 🙂

Here are 3 vegan pumpkin pie variations – all equally AMAZING!

pumpkin pie1

Classic Flakey Crust Variation

pumpkin pie2

 Gluten Free Variation

pumpkin pie3

Rustic Spelt Pumpkin Pie ( the one I made )



Do you like pumpkin pie?

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