Call me maybe!

By the time you read this post I am hoping I have found my phone – I went to the movies tonight and turned the ringer off and now I can’t find it. It’s somewhere in the house I know that for sure. However, I instinctively tried to call it and DUH… the ringer was off! FAIL!

Oh, I went and saw Iron Man 3 and it was AAAHHHH-MAZING! No spoilers… just go see it, ok!?!?

Are you familiar with Liz Dialto? If not, you should be! She creates amazing at home workout videos on Youtube, a life coach and is such a kind and positive individual! I just watched this video and I am going to try it tomorrow!

She has also started #smoothieaday on both instagram and facebook. I love finding inspiration for my daily smoothies on instagram – especially if I am craving something bad, just looking at smoothies makes my mouth start salivating!


Isn’t this beautiful??!! It had a ton of frozen fruit in it: mango pieces, blueberries, strawberries, grapes (small handfuls of each), a small fresh banana, a tablespoon of frozen OJ concentrate, 2 tablespoons of chia seeds, a spoon of peanut butter, water and a splash of Grade B maple syrup.

And I shared it with this little guy, too… he just loves smoothies!

Now I am off to look for my phone once more!



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