clean eating

To take time


Sometimes we need to remember to take time.

To take time to do something… anything… for us or for others.

Maybe take time to get completely lost in a beautiful sunset.

Or to take time to enjoy what our hearts desire.

2012-06-02 11.54.45

Always remember to take time to tell others how much they mean to you. Both your family and friends.

cup There must be balance in life. Keep in mind that my balance is different than your balance… everyone is unique in their own way. Balance in desires, balance in peace, balance in you.

I mentioned yesterday that I was in the process of cleaning up my food. There is an absolute balance that needs to be kept in your diet.

I have been quite ashamed in my eating the past few months. Clean Eating has been far from my mind and I have been way off my path of healthy eating. I am an emotional eater. When stress comes, so do my cravings. Sugar and carbs are my enemy. Too much processed foods and not enough raw foods. I have been slowly watching the scale go up. I am angry. Embarrassed. Depressed. And while I would love to try to blame someone else, I am the only one to blame.

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I need to ask myself: why did I start eating clean? Why did I start eating vegan? These kinds of questions need to be asked when anyone feels like they have become side tracked. There have been many times in the past few weeks that I have felt week, insecure, not worthy. All because of my weight.

This is no way to live.

So, why did I start eating clean?

I started eating clean because I wanted to live a healthy life. I wanted my family to live a healthy life. I wanted to feed my body full of natural ingredients. My body is the one thing that I fully own and that I have complete control over. I wanted to feed it with the best fuel possible. I wrote an article a few years ago that explained my thoughts on transitioned into a new way of eating and viewing food.

I started to eat clean because I have a passion for inspiring others to eat better and live a healthy life. I also wanted to raise my son in a healthy environment that was not sugar loaded, deep fried or full of unnecessary fillers. When the word dinner is mentioned I don’t want him to think of McDonalds. I want him to think of the healthy and delicious foods that are on his plate. And when he has a family of his own +he is almost 4!+ I want him to share and implement the same kind of eating habits that I taught him.

When I was blogging full time +over a year ago+ I was much more conscious of my eating. I have slowly started to become unaware of how much junk I was started to eat again and over the past year I have gained some weight… more so in the past 2-3 months. This is my pledge +to me and to you+ to start eating healthy. To become aware again. To live consciously. To eat from the Earth.

Like we are supposed to.


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