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Movie Date

I had a VERY special evening tonight.

It included some popcorn…


And my very special, handsome, loving date…


There is nothing more I love than snuggling with my little Bubba on the sofa watching a movie. Tonight we watched UP. Can I just say… I always get choked up while watching this movie. It’s a happy / sad movie. Yet 100% cute!

Before my date, I ate a bowl of fresh fruit – strawberries + mango + apple – with yogurt topped with peanut butter, chopped dates and Grapenuts. I also brewed a pot of green tea.


DSC09214 My favorite part about popcorn? The half-popped kernels! They are money! I purposely scoop my popcorn out of the bottom of the pot JUST to have the un-popped kernels. And it’s generally where the sea salt is hiding, too. Mmmmhmm…


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