Seattle Green Fest 2011

The kind folks from Green Fest invited me as part of the media this year – it was truly an amazing event!



Since I had a media pass, I was able to come and go and we had our own little area to rest, eat and do work. They had breads, muffins, fruit, milk, cereal and coffee.


I had a banana bread muffin, peanut butter and coffee. I also snagged a Mojo Bar and an apple for later. 


After I some fuel I headed out into the event. Doors opened at 10 and I arrived at 11. It was great because it wasn’t as crowded as it was in the afternoon.

There were a ton of vendors! From Organic fruit companies, to household items, building materials, clothing, information centers, food suppliers, doctors, key speakers… a wealth of information and great people under one roof!

  DSC08067 DSC08068

Ford had a huge display of their “green” car line. The cars featured material that was either recyled and natural from the Earth. Here is the little Fiesta that I was talking about in my Vlog – I thought it was so cute! Plus, it gets 40 MPG!


DSC08069  DSC08071

I have a BUNCH of articles and magazines to read and look over. With so many great vendors and informational booths, it can be a lot to take in. I try to grab as many brochures and handouts as possible. That way I can enjoy them at home and really take the time to understand the material.

Just being at this event made me more aware of myself and how much I do for the environment. I know I have areas that need improving but even the smallest steps help tremendously. I am planning on doing a Green Tip series on the information that I gathered from this event.


Thanks again, Green Fest!


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