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Hey Easter Bunny!

With Easter being a week away, I thought I would showcase some great vegan Easter treats and handmade gifts to included in your compassionate Easter basket.

I did a post on my facebook page about gelatin. If you weren’t aware, Gelatin is made from boiled bones and ligaments of dead animals, and surprisingly a lot of food has gelatin in it. Marshmallows, yogurt, candy, Jello… these foods are not even vegetarian, in my opinion. I always remind people to read your labels!

… So, Easter Bunny… if you are reading this… be compassionate this year and help your fellow animal buddies out by sharing vegan, earth friendly, handmade treats and gifts!

bunnyBunny Best Friend

peeperslarge Peepers and Skippers


Organic Chocolate Bunny

vegan bowls

Vegan Bowls

recycled journals

Recycled Journals

vegan whoopie pies Vegan Whoopie Pies

vegan soap Vegan Organic Soap

vegan crispy treats Vegan Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Orbs

vegan soap chickadees Soapy Vegan Chickadees

organic hat

Organic Cotton Baby Hat

happy easter tashasig

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