When life gives you lemons

I am sure most of you have noticed my lack of blogging. I feel bad, actually. I just really have had no time and no inspiration. I love this blog. I really do. And I love the readers and friends I met through this blog and the last thing I want is for all of that to go away.
Believe me, it’s not. I’m just figuring out what direction I want to go with my blog. I started out as a documentation of my daily eats, sharing my personal life and the occasional recipe. Then I started focusing more on recipes and health articles. Now.. sadly I haven’t done much of either.
I know for a fact that taking pictures of my daily eats is impossible for me to do. Recipes and celebrating whole food is my passion. So I hope to evolve this tiny blog into a journal about cruelty free foods that are healthy, wholesome and utterly mouthwatering.
Working full time,
sewing part time.. oh and being a Mommy to the cutest little boy ever (!!!) has taken up all of my time. I have even stopped running and working out (which I am not happy about!) but at this time in my life there are certain things in my life that need my attention and sometimes you have to put aside activities that you love.
Please do not delete me from your google readers or say goodbye. Just be patient while I am trying to find a new voice for this blog.
I love you all!


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