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Attune Foods Product Review

Attune Foods recently sent me some of their pro-biotic chocolate bars to sample. Free chocolate? I couldn’t resist! 


Attuune Foods is a company that actually cares about individuals health.

Attune fact

Attune probiotic bars combine all-natural, great-tasting ingredients with powerful probiotics that are clinically proven to support digestive health and promote a strong immune system.*

Ok – so they are GOOD for you AND they are chocolate. BUT do they taste good?


I was sent three flavors: Raspberry, Coffee Bean and plain Dark Chocolate.


All are equally fantastic tasting! However, my favorite was the Coffee Bean. They are all vegan and gluten free, too. Besides chocolate bars they also make granola munch and granola bars; all with the same healthy probiotics. You can view their products here.

They also sent me a box of Uncle Sam Cereal.

uncle sam cereal

I love Uncle Sam Cereal! I used to eat this when I was in high school and I had forgotten how much I love this cereal!

“This high fiber cereal is a unique blend of toasted whole grain wheat flakes and flaxseed. Each bowl of this whole grain cereal is loaded with powerful, heart healthy ALA Omega-3’s from flaxseed and is high in dietary fiber. It is also a low sodium and low sugar cereal (with less than 1g sugars). Best of all, the toasted whole grain wheat flakes and flax seed stay crispy and crunchy from the first spoonful to the last.”


I have heard you can bake/cook with it but I have only eaten the traditional way: with cold almond milk and fruit. If you have never tried Uncle Sam Cereal be sure to pick a box up the next time you are at the store.

Thanks again, Attune Foods, for sending me these wonderful products! I have now become a fan!

Healthy Eating,

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