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Dinner Idea – vegetable sandwich + bok choy

I wanted to share tonight’s dinner with all of you. It was not only satisfying, but it was loaded full of flavor and 100% vegan.


I started by grilling two pieces of bread with some Earth Balance on one side. After they were good and hot, I spread one half with avocado, and the other half with cashew spread.
I grilled some onions until they were soft, sweet and hot. I also had a jar of roasted red peppers that I wanted to try and it was literally staring me down every time I opened the pantry. I added the onions, pepper and lettuce and layered each ingredient in between the grilled slices of bread.

I served it with a side of steamed baby bok choy sprinkled with salt, pepper and some shoyu.


So many people think in order to have a mouth watering, memorable meal it has to be elaborate with numerous ingredients. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Simple flavors are just as good, if not better!


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