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Run, eat, sleep, repeat

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posting – been a bit pre-occupied with things! I promise I am am here, I will be back and I am not taking a break. J has been SUPER active the past week and I just have not had the time to sit and write. AND my half marathon training has been taking a lot of my free time, too.

Speaking of my half marathon training, I did a great 8.10 mile run today in 1:19! I stuck to an average 9.40 mile which is more than ideal for me! YAY! I am feeling GREAT about my run in 5 weeks!

I love that I am feeling stronger with every run, both mentally and physically. I am achieving feats that I never thought was possible. It has really put a positive step back in my life!

I hope everyone has had a great Saturday and an even better Sunday! My mom has J for the weekend so Marc and I can do some much needed bonding and work around the house. We love our son to death but it is nice when we have time for each other again.

PS – I hate that we have to turn the clocks ahead. Why can’t we just be the same time all year round? Is it true that some states in the US don’t change? If so, I want to move there.

That’s all for now! See you again real soon!


9 thoughts on “Run, eat, sleep, repeat

  1. I kind of hate daylight savings too but it's actually light enough when I get home from work to run outside! Have you ever noticed that after running on a treadmill almost exclusively all winter, it's hard to get back into running outside? I have to like overcome my fear of it all over again.Anyway, congrats on the awesome run!!

  2. Can you please post your comments on wheatgrass and wild blue and green algae? Amazing Grass has a wheatgrass powder. Have you tried it? I would love to read any comments on these 2 superfoods because I am thinking of incorporating them into my diet. Thanks

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