birthday, jordan


Happy Birthday, Marc!


Today is Mr. Clean Eating Mama’s Birthday! I decided to make his favorite pie – chocolate cream. Do not be fooled by this blog – it is not clean eating nor is it vegan, but it is 100% delicious!

I wrote the letters in chocolate chips. Clever, huh!?


I know there will be people asking for the recipe, but I didn’t need one and you don’t either. I totally cheated and took the easy road: instant pudding, ready bake pie crust and just whipped up some whipping cream. Easy peasy!

I also made him a new frame with some pictures of Jordan in it for him. And of course there were cards.


We are having dinner tonight here at the house. Real simple and quiet.


Sorry I haven’t been posting my eats lately. Let’s just say there has been a lot of this:


And these:


I have been roasting my raw almonds and I am ADDICTED!!! YUM!! Super simple, too. Pre heat oven on 375, spread on cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes. Let cool and then devour!

Some of you may be wondering what I do with J while I am slaving away in the kitchen. Well…. this sums it up pretty accurately!




6 thoughts on “36”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARCUS!!I am glad that you roasted some almonds. I am addicted to them too!!I want a pie just like that for my birthday…they are to die for good!!Luv U~Mom

  2. Happy Birthday Marc!!!! Awwwww that pie looks so good!!!!! Yum!!! I bet he loved it and the beautiful picture frame with pics of the little man!!! So sweet!!!Yes tempeh is so delish!! xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to Mr. Clean! : ) I love the new header, by the way!A lot of my baby pictures are me with pots and pans EVERYWHERE! My mom was like, "It's the only thing that kept you occupied long enough to get dinner on the table!"

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