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The Power of Love

February is a love/hate month for all. I am vowing to LOVE this month in its entirety! And I hope you all with join me!


I have started a new challenge for the entire month of February – To love yourself each and every day! 

We all have reasons to celebrate February: our husbands, fiancés, children, parents, grandparents…

But with love also comes hate: ex’s, heart ache, self image, weight, self esteem…

We need to start standing proud of ourselves, our accomplishments and start learning to love the one person that matters for once: Ourselves.

My goal is to write and reflect on one thing that I am proud of, happy with and would not change each and everyday. I too am often found looking at the negative rather than the positive with myself. As a born nurturer and giver I put others before myself on a daily basis. While this is a necessity in life and a wonderful trait to have, it is not healthy when we go to the extreme that we always seam to put our own feelings on the back burner.

So this month I vow to journal, write, reflect all that makes me ME. The ME that is wonderful, the ME that is strong, the ME that is beautiful.

I want you all to join me in this start to a healthy mind and a realization that we need to be good to ourselves.

Have a healthy and loving month! YOU DESERVE IT!



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