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The Power of Love – post #1


What do I love about me? My ability to create.

I have always been one to look at an object and automatically start to think about how it was made, and how I can re-create it.

I started my creating journey with the help of my Great Grandma and her patience to teach me. Every summer I would travel to down to California and she would teach me to embroider, crochet and hand sew. I loved it! I always went back home with so many ideas and projects that I had no clue where to start – I was overjoyed at my new talent!

My elementary school teacher new the importance of basic living and also taught sewing frequently. I made my first pillow when I was in 2nd grade and helped embroider quilt blocks when I was in 4th grade. I thought it was so fun and better yet; I was getting graded on it! Of course I aced them 😉

In high school I went “hippy” and started making my own clothing. If you are into the Phish scene then you will know exactly what I am talking about: hand made patchwork clothing.

(These are not my photos, but might as well have been! I borrowed them from Etsy)

I developed a passion and  love for creating during my high school years. I cherished my sewing machine and was always sewing! Screw parties, I had clothes to make!

Even though I had a solid start to sewing basics, I self taught myself how to create and sew. I never picked up a pattern, took classes or asked for help. I did have a few sewing books for reference but it was all trial and error. The best way for me to learn is to do it, and keep perfecting it!

After I grew out of my “hippie” stage I started looking at the world of quilting. Quilting is so much different than sewing clothes! You have the be exact and precise or the entire creation will be wrong.

I couldn’t stand it! I hated all of the measuring, the cutting, the worry… but I stuck with it and started to LOVE it!

I have now created my own patterns for quilting that are made just for me and my brain. I have hard time understanding patterns for some reason… it has always been easier for me to look at a picture, deconstruct it in my head and write down my own interpretation. Sometimes it works and sometimes its a huge failure – only another reason to try again!

I must always be creating in my life. I do go without for periods of time but eventually I start to crave it.

But it goes beyond sewing: I love all kinds of art.

I love to oil paint, yet haven’t done it in years. Draw, scrapbook, knit, crochet, embroider, jewelry, journal, poetry, acting/drama. I have always been drawn to visually stimulating environments and events.

It will always be a part of me and I am so proud of my ability’s.

Here are some of my creations:

 DSC04104 il_430xN.70010916 4282_1095723047499_1659284355_231396_6234173_n 4282_1095947053099_1659284355_231907_2602887_n4282_1095723847519_1659284355_231403_6609597_n 

Now I sew for me, Jordan, family… and I do have an small online store. I would love to be paid to sew! I have always gravitated toward children’s items – even before J came along.

It’s a healthy hobby for me as it allows me to BE ME at all times. I feel more like myself than at any other time – needle and thread in hand.

Show yourself some love today and be proud of your abilities!


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The Power of Love

February is a love/hate month for all. I am vowing to LOVE this month in its entirety! And I hope you all with join me!


I have started a new challenge for the entire month of February – To love yourself each and every day! 

We all have reasons to celebrate February: our husbands, fiancés, children, parents, grandparents…

But with love also comes hate: ex’s, heart ache, self image, weight, self esteem…

We need to start standing proud of ourselves, our accomplishments and start learning to love the one person that matters for once: Ourselves.

My goal is to write and reflect on one thing that I am proud of, happy with and would not change each and everyday. I too am often found looking at the negative rather than the positive with myself. As a born nurturer and giver I put others before myself on a daily basis. While this is a necessity in life and a wonderful trait to have, it is not healthy when we go to the extreme that we always seam to put our own feelings on the back burner.

So this month I vow to journal, write, reflect all that makes me ME. The ME that is wonderful, the ME that is strong, the ME that is beautiful.

I want you all to join me in this start to a healthy mind and a realization that we need to be good to ourselves.

Have a healthy and loving month! YOU DESERVE IT!



#1 My ability to create