Healthy… kind of

Hey all! I am alive!

I have no idea if I had a stomach virus or a nasty reaction to some food I ate – either way it was not pretty. I was feeling 100% better yesterday except for my appetite. Still very small and nothing sounds good – especially healthy foods. lol

I had half of a bean burger, some cheese during the day and 2 bowls of cereal for dinner. Nothing too photogenic or exciting! =)

J had a doctors appointment yesterday for his 15 month shots =( and a check up on his stomach issue. He acts fine but has no appetite either. The doctor said he will be fine but to just let it pass through his system. Lots of liquid and offer food more often than not.

But I was able to get some pictures of him yesterday! I don’t know if you are aware but Seattle is having NICE weather – the entire month of January has been record setting for temperatures and lack of rain! It makes for great pictures from the natural light.




And Lilly wanted to get in on the picture action! =)  


Hopefully I can have a normal post soon! Happy Hump Day!


11 thoughts on “Healthy… kind of

  1. what a handsome fella you've got over there!!and… we had that stomach bug here – its short lived but intense and nasty!glad you're feeling better.

  2. I just went through the same thing! NOT FUN! It was likely a stomach virus or Norwalk virus.I just got over it, and have started to gain an appetite. However, I have been turned off chicken, as is was the last thing I ate before I got sick *by association, it makes me sick*My boyfriend, his mom and his grandma have it. Like Sam said, it is making its rounds! Hope your appetite comes back soon!!! Keep up the awesome blog!

  3. Glad you are doing better! The Noro-Virus is definitely making the rounds lately. That is what we all had over Christmas, came on with NO warning and was SO miserable! Take it easy on any dairy the next few days, trust me! (even though you don't eat a lot of dairy anyway!)

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