Calling in

Hey guys – man, did I have a long night last night. Let’s just say I was being quite friendly with the porcelain god. I haven’t been sick in a long time!

J has been feeling under the weather, too. I’m not sure if we have the same thing but I blame my night to my lunch – Qdoba and their grilled vegetables. EEEwwwww…. the thought makes my stomach turn!

So today is an off day since I have no appetite what-so-ever. I even traded coffee this morning with Sprite.  =(

I hope every one is having a better Monday than J and I!


18 thoughts on “Calling in”

  1. Hi Tasha! I hope you feel better soon. Just to encourage you, I found your blog about a week ago and it encouraged me so much that I started my own…today! Thanks 🙂

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