Advertising on The Clean Eating Mama

The Clean Eating Mama is dedicated to bringing it’s readers a vast amount of wholesome eating tips, facts and recipes, all while documenting the daily ins and outs of my life.

Why should you advertise on The Clean Eating Mama?

  • The Clean Eating Mama has a large reader base currently with 120,000 visits per month (as of June 2010) from every country around the world.
  • The Clean Eating Mama is updated every day, and sometimes more than once per day
  • The Clean Eating Mama readers are comprised of health minded people who need and demand excellent content, tips and resources for clean and vegan eating.
  • The Clean Eating Mama started in June 2009 as a source for people looking for wholesome eating and living tips, recipes and techniques. It delivers quality content and information on a regular basis.
  • The Clean Eating Mama will do more than place your ad on the blog. Your product and/or company will also be featured in blog posts where I see fit, and featured on various networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc, helping you make money and gain fans.


The following prices are for ads placed on my blog. They will be in a designated spot on either the left or right hand side of my blog.

  • 150 x 150 px ad – $50 per month/$275 for 6 months
  • 150 x 300 px ad – $100 per month/$550 for 6 months
  • 150 x 450 px ad – $150 per month/$825 for 6 months
  • 150 x 600 px ad – $200 per month/$1100 for 6 months


The Clean Eating Mama has been working with companies to promote and sell products since my blog first was created. Such companies include:

Spices Inc.
Clean Cravings
Amazing Grass
Custom Choice Cereal
Galaxy Granola
Good Belly
Sabra Hummus
Ball Canning Products

Product Reviews:

The Clean Eating Mama is always open to try companies products, as well. The Clean Eating Mama DOES NOT accept money to give reviews. Readers trust The Clean Eating Mama for straightforward, honest reviews that are in the opinion of the blog’s owner.

I will only accept advertisements that I feel fit for the criteria of my blog. Your ad will be posted within 24 hours of payment received. Contact me for questions or further information. thecleaneatingmama@gmail.com

Healthy Eating!

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