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The pot boiled over

Well, it finally happened – I hit my boiling point today. I just started crying and couldn’t stop. Between not feeling the greatest, being very needy for love and attention, wanting a break… I just couldn’t hold it in any longer.

I hate feeling like this. Feeling like I am alone, feeling like I am helpless… tomorrow is another day and I am hoping that it will shed some light.

Enough of that – I made a very comforting lunch today to help me through!


I rocked some spinach fettuccini WITH some real spinach leaves, parm, pesto and black pepper – just what I needed! It was salty, hot and comforting! Mended my soul in a hurry!

So instead of having a pitty party in my house with J, I decided to get some much needed shopping therapy at Joann’s Fabric. I love shopping for fabric! I really need to start making quilts again – sewing is one of those activities that makes me feel like ME. I will post pictures of the goodies I bought today tomorrow when the lighting is better.

AND let me jus say: I HATE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME! I have been off this entire week and poor J has been, too. Instead of 7, he is getting very tired and cranky at 6. Not that it bothers me but he is not adjusted yet.

Oh, and guess what?! He has not one, but TWO molars coming in! Such a trooper! 🙂 My little boy is growing up!

We had a friend, an ex co-worker of mine, come over for dinner tonight. It was nice to see him again – we bought Thai since neither myself nor Marc felt like cooking.


Chicken Pad Thai and green curry with tofu. I have never had curry with tofu but it is definitely a new favorite! After I finished this I did go back for some more rice and curry… I just love this stuff!

Plus, beer. X 2


I haven’t worked out since I came down with my cold and I am hoping that I will be feeling better tomorrow. I don’t mind taking it easy but I do miss my heart pumping and sweating!

After dinner Marc busted out our HUGE bowl of leftover Halloween candy! Why did he do this?!


Yes, I did have a few pieces of candy – a twizzler, a sour patch straw and some sour sweet tarts. No chocolate, it was a candy night. I must admit that I do love my candy!

And I was snacking on these yummy bad boys through out the day.


Crunchy, nutty and soooo good!

Well guys, I am exhausted – mentally and physically. Time to turn in and get some rest. See you tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “The pot boiled over

  1. That pasta looks great. Did yo make the pesto? I am with you on hating daylight savings time. I am all screwed up and have been hungry for dinner at 5 every night and hungry for lunch at 11 every morning. Frustrating!! The treat fairy hid the candy in my house and I dont care to know where it is :)~Justine

  2. even the strongest among us hit a breaking point every now and then! at least you had some great eats and I hope you get to feeling better asap!

  3. Sorry to hear you had a bad day … but you're right … today is a brand new day!! : )The time change has still got my all messed up too and it hasn't helped my mood much either.P.S. Your spinach noodles look fabulous … I love spinach noodles!

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