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It’s Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Last night Marc was at a meeting then a poker game so I was home alone last night. I turned on my Jazz, made some dinner, filled out my voter’s ballet for our county then hit the hay!

I made some boxed risotto, brussel sprouts and had a nice refreshing beer.



Marc picked me up some products the other day, and one of them was this box of gluten free risotto. You know me, I really try to stay away from boxed foods – BUT I was feeling a tad lazy and was craving something smooth and savory.


It was very simple to make and the ingredient list was actually pretty good! I was impressed!


I sauteed the rice in a tad of EVOO before adding the water and dried sauce. It only took about 15 – 20 minutes to cook. I had to add more water than what it stated because I wanted my risotto to be nice and creamy! Mmmmm… It really hit the “carb” spot!


I also toasted some pine nuts – I snacked on these as I was waiting. I actually think I had too many because I wasn’t able to finish my dinner! Oops! But they went so well with my beer! πŸ˜‰

Look how beautiful they look!


I loved the dark brown ones – a lot of crunch and flavor!

After I cleaned up I sat down and went through my voter’s pamphlet to decide on the new city council, school board directors, judges and so on. This is my first time voting, actually. Before I never really cared who was running because I never was in one place long enough for me to really care. But now that we bought our house and we have a child I figured I would start to actually look and make an impact. I felt good about sealing the envelope and hopefully I will be making a difference!

Do you vote for your own county/city elections?


Today’s theme is MUSIC! What is your fave band, or song, or artist, or instrument? Want to play? Grab my button and post on your blog!

Not only are the Beatles my favorite band but the album Abbey Road is my all time number one! I have loved the Beatles for as long as I can remember. My dad got me into them at a young age and they just stuck with me. I can remember staying up all night either painting, sewing, writing or just relaxing, and they were always playing in the background. I don’t listen to their first songs too often, it’s the more refined sounds of their later creations.
Who is my favorite Beatle? I have always been partial to Paul πŸ™‚ xoxoxo Did you know he is a vegetarian?
Also, drummer Pete Best was the original drummer until Ringo stepped in – not too many people are aware of this!
My fave Beatles song : Here Comes the Sun

A close second is Nine Inch Nails. Just like the Beatles, I fell in love with their ability to stand out from the rest, sounding like nothing I had ever heard before. Trent is a poetical genius, making the average listener think he is nuts, but for those that listen deeper, it is a treat for the ears.
After taking some years off, NIN reunited selling two new albums. They also started touring again – I happened to go to their Seattle show and it was off the charts! I was so close to the stage, Trent could have spit and it would have hit me!

Ahem, just look at him! :swoon:

And I must not forget Tool. I have only been listening to Tool for the past 5-6 years but I was hooked from the first listen. James Maynard is the lead vocalist and his voice is beautiful and mysterious. Most of the time he sings low and hard but there are few times where he raises the bar and sings high – I have never heard anything like it. He has also done other projects, like A Perfect Circle and he now has his own wine.
I have all of Tool’s albums and I love them all.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I saw this article in my local paper and thought of you. The University where I work has a new exhibit about what Americans eat for dinner, and how that differs between cultures. Super interesting! I thought I'd forward since it seems right up your alley. :)http://tinyurl.com/yh2x2bn

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