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Before the day runs out

Look what we found on our door step yesterday:

It was a little goody bag brought by one of our neighbors!

(If you click on the picture you can make it large enough to read)

Cute huh! I think it’s great that our neighborhood does something special. Jordan and I went to the dollar store and bought some cute items for our two bags:

Some Halloween candy that we have, a sheet of Halloween stickers, a big pumpkin sucker and a scary fake rat! Marc is going to taking this out tonight after he gets back from picking up the cake for Jordan’s party tomorrow.
I just love Halloween!

I made sure I hung out ghost on out front door so we wouldn’t get “ghosted” again!

Product review:

At the store the other day I noticed this yogurt that I have never seen before:

I love greek yogurt and thought I would give this a try. I love the ingredient list – simple. Just how I like it!

The texture was amazing! Very thick and creamy! But one thing I did notice was the lack of berry taste. In fact, I didn’t detect any. 😦 Plus it was very sour. I made a bowl with granola and CB’s PB and shared some with Jordan.

I was disappointed because I really wanted to like it, but couldn’t. I guess I will be sticking with Chobani or Oiknos.

Question: When have you had high expectations and were unfortunately let down?

Marc has been in and out all day today so I wasn’t able to prep the food. Do you know how hard it is to cook AND chase a baby around?! 😉 So we are on night duty tonight – there really isn’t much to do; cut up veggies, get the platters out and cleaned up, make dips and just get organized. PLUS I have to decorate with streamers and get out all of the table toppers. I may need some coffee tonight!

2 thoughts on “Before the day runs out

  1. I love the ghosting. Our neighbors did that the first year we moved in. I think it will be more fun now that we have a child. I love reading your blog!

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