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  1. Gluten-Free GrooveNot even after 2 months from starting up its own blog aiming to add freshness and awareness on the gluten free community, Charlie Valentino rocked the gluten free world with a new withdrawal of multi-disciplinary events, marrying the concepts of lifestyle design and gluten free diet. In Charlie Valentino's intentions, the nutritional aspect is profoundly bond to how people perceive and live their lives.Charlie's blog, Gluten Free Groove, is entirely devoted to explore the people eating habits and to make use of the challenges intrinsic in the treatment for celiac disease in order to integrate such dietary lifestyle with mundane and "groovy" activities. As a result, the blog followers learn how to apply their nutritional peculiarity in a wider context in which wheat intolerance and the continuous strive to find gluten free solutions can become an occasion to improve healthy habits, dining comfort and the joy of living.They do not just learn new delicious recipes and facts about clinical aspects, but also how to integrate all the other environmental social dynamics. They benefit from Charlie's sound experience as a P.R., DJ, tango dancer, entertainer, seducer, and, ultimately, musician, to gain poetic lateral perspectives on celiac's condition.About his GlutenFreeGroove blog, Charlie says: "I want to create a brand new experience on celiac disease, and I want to merge music, poetry and creativity with diet considerations to create awareness and inspire people who have to daily deal with a diet such as mine. My blog is the result of a promise I am trying to fulfill. In facts, not only I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, but also my little nephew had. To cheer him up I promised him that I would have tried to make our peculiarity (so to speak) as fun as possible and I am trying to give my blog an unedited dress of fun".

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