Busy busy busy!

Those are my three words of the day, which explains how the past few weeks have been.

I am feeling very lazy, so I am going to post a crap load of pictures… hope you dont mind 🙂

Here are some AMAZING pictures of Baby J! Look at him hold his bottle 🙂

Marc has been wanting to dye his hair platinum blond for a long time, and for his birthday I coaxed one of my good friends that foils my hair to do it for him on his Birthday. I didn’t think I would like it but I really do!

Baby J’s first attempt at rice cereal! He really enjoyed it but was way more interested in holding the spoon himself 😉

Palm Springs, California – We took a mini vacation to Palm Springs on the 15th. Well, it was more business than play but it was still nice to get away and be in 85 degree sun! Lucky for us we have to go back there on the 1st to finish up.

Hoodsport Winery and the Alderbrook Resort – Hoodsport WA
We won a wine tour at a silent auction last year to the Hoodsport Winery. Well, a few short weeks after we won it I found out we were expecting… go figure. So we had to postpone it until this year. Marc and I, my two aunt’s and uncle’s went on this little over night stay.
The winery was quaint and cozy but had some excellent wines! We tried 6, one being Pear which was my favorite! We ended up buying a case of their Cab, pear, raspberry and a pinot.

Both Marc and I have had a blast the past few weeks but we are very drained.

I am off to bed – I will be sure to post more now that my schedule is more open.
Good night!

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